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  • What is IoT?
    IoT means the internet of things. The Internet of things (IoT) is latest technology in which the physical objects-things are connected through internet with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of exchanging data to monitor/control devices over the Internet.
  • How can IoT help me?
    IoT can control your home/office appliances wirelessly using mobile phone app and provides a variety of options to control it. You can moniter and control any device connected to electricity using IoT.
  • Why should I choose i-switch?
    We have a highly qualified technical and research team. We constantly work to develop better products. We don’t compromise on quality.
  • How many year products are covered under warranty?
    We have two ranges of products - premium prodcuts with warranty of 2 years and standard prodcuts with warranty of 1 year. No warranties will be provided if we determine that the product has been altered in any way, or tampered with. Our product warranty does not protect against acts such as flood, lightning, earthquake, war, vandalism, theft, normal-use wear and tear, erosion, depletion, obsolescence, abuse, non-authorized program or system equipment modification or alteration.
  • Are your products certified?
    Yes. They are certified as per the need of the product. Our products meet EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection and have CE marking. Our products are RoHS certified. Some of our products are FCC certified.
  • If WIFI is not available, will my home appliances work?
    Yes. You can control your devices both manually and with WIFI.
  • I am not interested in changing my old switches and devices, still is it possible to change my home to smart?
    Yes, it is possible to convert your home to smart home without change in any of the switches/devices.
  • I am not interested in old switches/lights. I want a new stylish design with old wiring. Is it possible?
    Yes, it is possible. You can change your old switches to new elegant and stylish designs during conversion of your home to smart without change in old wiring. You can also replace the smart bulb/LED with your old one.


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