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We Provide

Wireless Home Automation Solutions

(Premium/Economical Option)

Smart City Solutions

Customized Training

(Technical/Business/ Entrepreneur/Motivational)

Customized Wireless Commercial and Industrial Solutions

(Energy Saving Solutions)

Software as a Service

Laboratory Development Solutions

with Equipment Supply

Control your home/any

electrical device


anywhere in the world

Quality products
2 years warranty for premium products
Automation without change in old wiring/device
Customized solutions as per your need

Elegant Designs
Innovative solutions
Energy saving approach
Highly specialized diversified team of young and old


Timer based control

Schedule based control

Turn off your heater automatically to save energy

Turn off your mobile automatically to avoid overcharging

Put Timer/Schedule/Turn ON/OFF any electrical/electronic device at any time to avoid waste/damage 

Control your home through voice by
Google Assistant

Simply say Google turn off light ....

Good to take care of your Elders
No need to get up to turn ON/OFF any device
Voice based Control

Wireless Control 

All control at your fingertip

24/7 Security

Improve Safety

WIFI Smart - Camera (Indoor, Outdoor, Solar)/ Lock ( 5 way control) / Wireless Sensors/Video Doorbell.....

Use smart mobile app

use app to integrate devices

​third party support google assistant, amazon 

Get notifications...


Use high quality WIFI camera to improve safety
No Wiring

Two way communication
Get Notification of motion detection
Get call on mobile when guest is arrived

Get notification

on your mobile


Gas Leak/Water Leak....

Get notification of your door is open
Link with different sensors, get alarm

Change color of LED/ light

as per your wish

Dimming based control

Get million color light from us
Experience wireless Smart solutions from us 

Location based Control


Set your AC on automatically before you arrive

Moniter and control ...


24/7 Control at your fingertip

Security and Safety

Convinience and Comfort

Reduce Electricity Bills

Save Energy 

Future of Technology

Monitor- Track Save your Energy

New/Retrofit Solutions

for more details check sevices

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